Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions.


Where can I read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service?

The Privacy Policy can be found here. The Terms of Service can be found here.


Can I use music that I purchase anywhere? What rights are granted to me when I lease or exclusively buy music?

Your usage rights depend on the type of licensing agreement you purchased. However, Sonyx Royalty-Free subscribers can enjoy hassle-free downloads from our royalty-free library. Royalty-free music have an open license to use the musical compositions without limitations and the worry of having to pay royalties. Read more below about the Sonyx Royalty-Free program.

To view your licensing rights, log into your account, and go to the "Downloads" page. Then, click "View License" to review your licensing usage details.

How many licensing agreements exist?

It depends on the various pricing models selected by the producer / seller. Generally, there is at least one license type for each pricing model. See below for more details on licenses.

What is a Basic "For Lease Download" license?

A Basic "For LeaseDownload" license grants users:

    What is an "Exclusive Download" license?

    An "Exclusive Download" license grants users:

      Can I also sell royalty-free beats and instrumentals?

      YES! The Sonyx Royalty-Free program allows music producers to earn money via a revenue-share model. Read more about it below.


      What is Sonyx Royalty-Free?

      The Sonyx Royalty-Free library (otherwise known as Sonyx RF) features a growing library of royalty-free beats, instrumentals, and samples. The sounds available in our royalty-free library are exactly that: 100% royalty-free.

      What does "royalty-free" mean?

      Glad you asked! A royalty in the music industry is a form of payment made to musicians, songwriters, producers, etc. when the musician's music is played, sold, or distributed in commercial formats such as CDs, cassettes, audio downloads, music videos, and more.

      The Sonyx music library offers you music for which you will NEVER have to pay royalties - EVER. If you download a Sonyx beat and make a hit song that sells millions, we won't pursue any monetary compensation. However, we'd really appreciate a shoutout if that ever happens!

      How can I get access to the Sonyx Royalty-Free library?

      You must subscribe to the Sonyx RF plan to access dozens of royalty-free beats and instrumentals.

      Click here to get started.


      What is "Sonyx RevShare"? How does it work?

      The Sonyx Revenue Share program (also known as Sonyx RevShare) is a revenue-share compensation model that allows music producers to earn money through an alternate revenue stream.

      It works like this:

      • Music producers upload their beats / instrumentals as "Royalty-Free" downloads.
      • Paid Sonyx subscribers search the platform and download royalty-free beats.
      • If one or more subscribers download one or more of your royalty-free beats, we will pay you a piece of the subscription revenue.
      • The more downloads you get within a single pay period, the higher your revenue-share payout will be. It's that simple!

      NOTE: You will not be allowed to upload your beat as a "Royalty-Free Download" as well as a non-royalty-free download. We regularly check all user submissions, and we will promptly reject and/or suspend accounts of users with malicious intent.

      How much can I expect to earn as a Sonyx Royalty-Free producer?

      Your total earnings depend on various factors (e.g. the number of uploads and downloads, the quality of your uploads, the amount of paid subscriptions, etc.).

      Sonyx Music pays a monthly revenue share of approx. NaN% which is evenly split up between all music producers who have at least ONE download within a pay period.


      • Sonyx Music shares their revenue with participating Sonyx music producers who uploaded royalty-free beats.
      • In January, there are a total of 1000 downloads. Producer A had 500 downloads, and 500 other producers had 1 download each. Some producers had NO downloads this month.
      • Sonyx Music will calculate the amount of earned revenue to be paid to Producer A and the others. Obviously, Producer A will receive the largest amount of the shared revenue, and the remainder will be split among the other 500 producers who had at least ONE download.
      • Unfortunately, the producers with no downloads will receive no payments. Bummer.
      How can I get access to the Sonyx Royalty-Free library?

      You must subscribe to the Sonyx RF plan to access dozens of royalty-free beats and instrumentals.

      Click here to get started.

      How can I earn more money through Sonyx RevShare?

      As we mentioned before, you earn more when you get more downloads from our paid subscribers. Therefore, it DEFINITELY helps to let people know about your beats and get them to sign up for a Sonyx Royalty-Free subscription.

      In my dashboard's Sales page, I noticed that the "Est. Net Payments" amount keeps going up and down. Why is that happening?

      Because this is a revenue-share compensation model, we base your payout on several factors. These factors cause the payout amount to change frequently (almost like the price of a stock).

      Note that the amount you see today could be higher or lower than the actual payout you'll receive at the close of the month.